Healing Meditation


Anna Blossom Cohen is a dear friend and gifted intuitive. We're often asked about guided meditation resources, so we were thrilled when Anna shared that she will be leading a recurring virtual meditation. We encourage you to make time for this if it's something that speaks to you. Join Anna on the third Monday of the month for this free guided healing meditation to help us as a community to align, clear and heal. The more energy linked into this awakening, the better, so share this link in your community with those you feel would be open to receiving and contributing. 

TIME: August 24th, 2020 at 2:22pm PST (that's 5:22pm for us here in Virginia)

TOPIC: Monthly Community Healing Meditation

WHERE: Click HERE to join the Zoom meeting

             Passcode: 222


Anna Blossom Cohen is honored to be considered one of the top rated mediums, energy healers and intuitive guides in Portland, Oregon. She sees clients remotely helping them to connect with loved ones who’ve passed, to facilitate energy healing, to develop intuitive abilities and to connect with spirit led guidance. With these skills she also helps families with conception, birth and the postnatal journey.


Visit Anna's website to learn more about her services.