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Dr. Jennifer Surjana

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The Future of Fertility Care is Virtual


Our world is changing, and with it our health options are expanding. It doesn't matter where you are on this planet, you can access fertility care that is individualized, gentle, and EFFECTIVE. Our approach is holistic, and based on a centuries-old system of medicine that works to address the underlying cause of your fertility challenges, supporting your body in restoring hormone balance and reproductive health function. 

If you're ready to grow your family, we're ready to guide you there.

I practice holistic medicine to show people there is another way to approach fertility. This system is gentle (no harsh medications, injections or forcing a body response), yet incredibly effective. I never get tired of telling patients how honored I am to work with them to find the true cause of their fertility challenges, balance the body, and celebrate their successes...all while respecting the remarkable beauty and ability of the human body. This medicine works - if you need answers, I've got you!

~ Dr. Jennifer Surjana, DACM, L.Ac.




Schedule A Consult

Get on the schedule to meet with Dr. Surjana to determine if the Infinite Fertility program is a good match for you. We recommend both partners be available for this virtual meeting.


Book Your 1st Appointment

For most patients, care begins with a visit to our office in Norfolk, VA. Dr. Surjana will perform a full assessment, treatment, and create a tailored plan moving forward to help you conceive. This is the only in-person visit required for the program, though you may choose to schedule additional appointments in the office throughout your program of care.


Follow Your Plan

After your office visit, you'll receive a plan from us detailing exactly what YOU need to do each day to bring balance to your body and get you one step closer to the family you desire. Because care is tailored to YOU, considering your unique life variables and body environment,  you'll reach your goals even faster!



Dr. Jennifer Surjana, DACM, L.Ac., is a board certified Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor, holistic fertility expert, and acupuncturist to the stars. She has been specializing in reproductive health, and helping couples grow their families for the last 20 years.

"I am dedicated to changing the lives of my patients. Infinite Fertility was created out of a desire to serve couples beyond my local community. I was already running a busy practice, SOURCE Fertility, which is my boutique fertility clinic in Norfolk, VA. But when my email started to become flooded with requests for providers in other parts of the country, and even internationally, I knew it was time for SOURCE to spread it's wings. Infinite Fertility was born."


Infinite Fertility is for couples anywhere in the world who are looking for a different approach to their reproductive health. Maybe you have tried the other options out there and are ready to switch gears, or perhaps you're looking for a way to drastically improve your IVF chances. My approach is loving, intuitive care that is intended to guide your body back to doing what it already knows how to do. You aren't broken, and there's no reason to treat you as such - together we will find your balance again. You'll not only feel amazing, but you'll be well on your way to growing your family - and I'll be there to celebrate with you!

Green Leaves

Through the unique lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we'll uncover the underlying reasons why you're not at your optimal fertility. Conventional medicine alone will time and time again overlook the factors that are impacting your fertility and instead prescribe harsh medications and drastic procedures in an attempt to force your body to respond. The Infinite Fertility Program is successful because it is based on a centuries old system of medicine that is remarkably gentle, yet extremely effective - guiding your body back to health naturally, and seeing you to your BEST Fertility! Instead of focusing on infertility, the Infinite Fertility program considers each person and the distinct constitutional balance of the individual.


Your investment with us begins with a $50.00 consultation fee. During your consult, Dr. Surjana will discuss your care options and associated fees based on your health history and challenges. No two plans are exactly alike, that's what is different about Infinite Fertility. That's also the secret to our success - customized treatment plans! Complete care generally ranges in price from $4,000-$12,000. 

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