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 "I have seen numerous acupuncturists over the years and I really favor Dr. Surjana's style of treatment, focus and personal understanding of women's issues and motherhood..."  - Karen C.

The PostPartum Year

Pregnancy, labor, and birth are extremely draining on a woman's constitution, and the postpartum period is an important time to take care of the body as it regains balance.  We support mama and baby in our clinic in the weeks following birth by gently tonifying through acupuncture, moxibustion, dietary therapy, and herbal prescriptions. Dr. Surjana's years of experience working with moms allows her to skillfully offer support in the postpartum period, including application of the sought after treatment of "mother warming".  Newborns are welcome in the clinic, and may even lay by your side during the treatment.


Some common postpartum concerns addressed in the clinic include:



Continual Bleeding



Body Pain

Breastfeeding Issues

Chapped Nipples


C-section scarring

Uterine, Bladder, or Rectal Prolapse



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