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Your best Pregnancy & Birth

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"I went to Jennifer for every-other-week acupuncture treatments during my pregnancy, and it worked wonders! I was very (physically) comfortable during the majority of my pregnancy, even as I neared full term and felt huge..." - Clea M.

Pregnancy is a special time, and our approach to working with women through pregnancy is different from our general assessment and care at other times. In pregnancy, the first aim is to support fetal growth and development based on both eastern and western medical perspectives. You'll receive routine treatments throughout the childbearing year with both you and your growing baby in mind, and as labor approaches we'll gently support the body in preparation and assure optimal fetal positioning. Typically, women who have received regular care throughout their pregnancies experience more efficient labors with fewer complications. Additionally, we offer couples instruction on acupressure for labor, both one on one and in group settings, and we attend births in a variety of settings. Women are encouraged to continue care after giving birth, as the clinic offers excellent postnatal support which naturally addresses many concerns.

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).