Fertility Awareness Lecture Series





March 14, 2015  10am


In this beginner’s fertility lecture, we'll discuss the how’s and why's of basal body temperature charting and cervical fluid observation.  You’ll learn how to chart, and how to understand your chart, and we’ll even have time to go over your personal charts if you've already started recording on your own.  Learn how this simple method can help you discover your reproductive health, and how you can use it to reach your fertility goals.




April 11, 2015  10am


In part two of the Fertility Awareness series, you’ll learn how to effectively support your reproductive health with diet.  Discover, from a traditional Chinese medical perspective, what foods support fertility and balance the menstrual cycle, and learn how supplements can enhance your gynecological health.




May 16, 2015  10am


In our final class of the Fertility Awareness series, we’ll discuss how lifestyle affects reproductive health.  Gain tips to manage stress, learn about fertility feng-shui, and even participate in a guided Taoist meditation.  Join us and learn how careful care of your body and environment creates a smoother path to conception.


All classes take place at The LifeQual Center in Beaverton

1975 NW 167th Place

Beaverton OR

Jennifer Surjana L.Ac. is a global reproductive health expert, practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, with a physical office in Norfolk, VA.

333 W Freemason St, Suite 200. Norfolk VA, 23510

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