I am forever grateful to have been led to the care and wisdom of Jennifer. I highly recommend her for anyone on the path to healing. I was led to her after a mixed bag of results from various other acupuncture specialists. Her care not only guided my body to healing, but brought my husband and I our baby daughter! She is honest, knowledgeable, and caring. She is absolutely the top acupuncturist in the area and I recommend her to all!   ~ Nicole A.

When I had my first appointment Jennifer immediately gave me an amazing vibe. She was very energetic and made me feel completely comfortable. She answered any questions I had for her and was very informative on the process and educated me on information I didn't even know I needed. I went in for fertility reasons. Me and my husband had been trying a year to conceive our first child and lost all hope..We tried everything.  After just 6 weeks of acupuncture treatments and herbs she prescribed I was pregnant! I couldn't believe it! I highly recommend giving her a try!  ~ Timerra Lucas

I had struggled with a thyroid issue for the last three years. I have been on and off naturally desiccated drugs and assumed that was the answer. I had also changed a lot of my eating habits, which I am sure helped me feel better. However, I was tired of being dependent on my pill box, I still felt unlike myself and I was tired of it. I reached out to Jennifer to see if she could do ANYTHING to make me feel normal again. She said she should be able to and if I gave her three months of coming to see her I would most likely see a difference. Within the first week I noticed a difference, then three weeks in my sleeping was sound, my hands and feet were not getting cold all of the time. Five months out, my thyroid is functioning well, I feel AMAZING even after recently moving/selling a home/ and other stressful life challenges. I would highly recommend giving Jennifer a go, for any issues that are keeping you from being the best you.

It is so nice to see a smiling face EVERY SINGLE TIME you visit, have someone share encouraging words, and actually LISTENING to what you are saying. This is what a doctor should look like. I am forever grateful for Jennifer. One last thing, I had always been afraid of mediation because I could never silence my mind, Jennifer encouraged mediation and trying different kinds and I found one that works for me. I do it each night before bed, it's been life changing for me. ~ Casey M.

I struggled with for 2.5 years to get pregnant with my second child. I had suffered multiple early miscarriages, with PCOS and poor egg quality. About 7 months ago, my doctor suggested that I reach out to Jennifer. She said that a few of her toughest cases were now pregnant after some time under Jennifer's care. I had done acupuncture in the past and absolutely loved it-- we just stopped it due to the cost combined with the cost of fertility treatments. I started seeing Jennifer a few weeks after my doctor's recommendation. I found her to be very warm, caring and truly invested in her patients. She reassured me not to worry about my age (I am 40) and to give her 3-4 cycles to improve my egg quality. She also gave me tips and tricks on diet for different parts of my cycle, etc. and they were very helpful!

I saw Jennifer on a weekly basis every single week. I incorporated her suggestions into my day-to-day and my diet. On month 4, I found out I was pregnant. I was scared and hesitant to be excited due to my history of early miscarriages. Jennifer was so reassuring! I remember her saying to me "Don't worry, I will do everything I can to help you hold this pregnancy. And remember, we've been treating you to improve your egg quality!"

I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a thriving baby. Two and a half years of aggressive fertility treatments later...the ONLY thing that I did differently was visit Jennifer. My husband, daughter and I will be forever grateful to her! If you have been struggling with infertility for any reason, I highly recommend that you reach out to Jennifer. Give it a shot! I'm still seeing her regularly and will continue to do so throughout my pregnancy.


She also assisted with stress management (which we ALL have in daily life- especially while trying to get pregnant!). I cannot tell you how calm I felt after each and every treatment. She's an amazing person and acupuncturist! You won't regret reaching out to her! ~ Amanda Paga

I'd highly recommend Jennifer to anyone. Her treatments have helped me sleep so much better than I did when I first came to her. She has a natural gift for the work that is immediately apparent. ~ Hoke S.

I came in to the practice after having 5 unsuccessful IUI treatments. I began working with Jennifer and immediately felt at ease. She addressed any concerns I had and made wonderful recommendations that helped regulate my body. She took the time to listen and give me comprehensive resources every step of the way, which up until that point I had never received before. After seeing Jennifer, I had a successful IUI. I’m so happy I went to this practice and began acupuncture in my life. The overall benefits to my life have been profound.

~Alexandra P.

I went to Jennifer for every-other-week acupuncture treatments during my pregnancy, and it worked wonders!  I was very (physically) comfortable during the majority of my pregnancy, even as I neared full term and felt huge.  Jennifer was very reassuring and informative about what was going on inside of my body, and how my baby was growing and maturing every week.  She also taught my husband acupressure points to help with discomfort during my labor and delivery.  I highly recommend Jennifer to any one looking to improve their quality of life or pregnancy experience! ~ Clea M.

I started seeing Jennifer after I had a miscarriage after trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years (including IUI treatments x 4 months).  I was feeling hopeless as I was 39 years old and felt like I may never have viable pregnancy.  
I knew the moment I met her that she was going to change my life.  I saw her 3-4 x month for the first several months after my miscarriage and then 2 x a month once she felt like my body was ready for me to start trying to conceive again.  I got pregnant on the 2nd month of trying and I saw Jennifer throughout my pregnancy.  I had an amazing pregnancy and I am sure it was because Jennifer was a huge part of it.   She is so knowledgeable, kind, patient and low strung.  She has an amazing calming way about her.  I feel so fortunate that I found Jennifer and honestly feel that without her, I may have never became a mom to my beautiful daughter. ~ Sara U.

I was referred to Jennifer by a friend. I saw Jennifer weekly for several months for treatment to assist in managing severe side effects from 2 months of IV ANTI BIO-TICS. I had a western treated UTI which created a Monster infection, I was hospitalized three times to combat this "super" infection. Western Doctors poked and probed me like a lab animal. Removed me from all grace and dignity and in retrospect created this biological infection which attacked my kidneys and almost killed me. ER Doctors and Urgent Care Facilities continued to misdiagnose and mistreat my UTI until the infection crawled into my kidneys. Jennifer saved my life and restored the human aspect in medicine. Acupuncture assisted me in so many ways, for starters I was able to eat and sleep. Acupuncture treated my chronic diarrhea and unstoppable vomiting. Before this incident I was 120 lbs standing at 5'7, I had lost 20 lbs due to the severity of my infection and started losing my hair and nails. A young woman in my 20's at the time who felt life and beauty slipping away. Jennifer gave back what the Western Doctors took away. Acupuncture not only helped me recover from this traumatic experience but it nurtured me back to health. ~ Jennifer S.

...You are lucky to have Jennifer in your midst.  There is something about her that I've not experienced with other practitioners.  She is meant to do this work.  It comes naturally.  I give her my 100% absolute recommendation.  Jennifer assisted me with several hard to treat ailments from rosacea to various physical issues from being a runner/athlete.  Her approach and treatments were always extremely thorough and effective.  I was treated and I was educated.  I always left her office feeling better and armed with new and pertinent knowledge. ~ Kate O.

After 5 years of chronic pain, resulting from the total knee replacement of my left knee, I finally met Jennifer.  I tried practically everything else to achieve pain relief. I can remember after my first session, telling my wife that I think I just met my new best friend!!

That's the way it's working out for me. 

My pain level has been cut dramatically since we started working together approximately 10 months ago.  The improvement has been dramatic & today I am able to resume physical therapy.  I now feel that with hard work, I will regain my lost muscle strength, and will be able to resume normal activities. It seemed last year at this time I had tried most every remedy. Nothing seemed to bring me relief.

Acupuncture, as practiced by Jennifer, has cleared the way for me to pursue a pain free existence.  Jennifer is a patient , knowledgeable, well trained professional.  Don't wait as long as I did to get her assistance. Call her and make an appointment. You will be glad you did!        ~ Paul Regal, Retired CEO Regional Blood Services, American Red Cross 

* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer).

Jennifer Surjana L.Ac. is a global reproductive health expert, practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine, with a physical office in Norfolk, VA.

333 W Freemason St, Suite 200. Norfolk VA, 23510

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